SDI is currently involved in several engineering and scientific efforts destined for various commercial applications.  The specific
details of this work are proprietary and as such we can only provide general descriptions of the projects.  These efforts are
scheduled to systematically come online within the next 2 years.
Fast Steering Mirror (FSM)
Fast response multi-axis actuation.  
Applications include point-to-point
secure communications, tracking,
control and high bandwidth tasks.
Advanced High-Vacuum Systems
Revolutionary cryogenic pumping
schemes for high-throughput and heat
loading tasks.  Applications include
semiconductor manufacturing, space
simulation and surface physics.
Spectroscopy Instrumentation
Development of improved accessories  
complimenting monochromators and
spectrographic systems.  Wide
applications in physics, chemistry and
engineering research.
Engineering Consulting Services
2-D and 3-D CAD
Product Data Management
conceptual design
detailed design
integrated optimization
animation and motion
Stress Analysis
dynamic or cyclic loads
composite materials
contact analysis
drop test analysis
force, pressure, gravity and
centrifugal loads
Heat Transfer
integrated solutions
isotropic, orthothropic and
temperature dependent
material properties
internal & external flows
transient & compressible flows
dynamic adaptive meshing
non-Newtonian fluids
porous media & moving wall
rotating reference frame
cavitation & humidity effects
multiphase conditions
Spectroscopic Diagnostics
Research and Development at SDI
Fluid dynamics and virtual instrumentation interfacing (i.e. the latter using National Instruments LabView.)  Specific expertise in vacuum
science, optomechanical systems, motion control, optical assemblies, laser/particle beam diagnostics and rarefied gas dynamics.