Disco Diamond Saw Blades
Excellent condition/Original Packaging/New-Old-Stock Units!
Several different model#'s available - please inquire. Here's an opportunity to acquire brand new Disco NBC-ZH diamond dicing saw
blades!  The NBC-ZH series blades are produced using Disco's original technology. A combination of an ultra-thin diamond blade
and an aluminum hub provides enhanced operation efficiency and stable cutting results. Typical application materials include silicon,
GaAS, GaP, LiTaO3 and such.
More sizes available than currently listed - please inquire.  Here's some specifications for your review:

NBC-ZH Datasheet

Sales tax of 9.75% applies for CA customers. Thank you for your interest.
NBC-ZH 205J = Standard concentration, #2000 grit, soft bond, grit size code E,
exposure 0.890~1.020, Kerf width 0.040-0.050
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NBC-ZH 204F-F-SE = Standard concentration, #3000 grit, backside chipping reduction
bond, sharp hub edge type size, HXEA 2016.
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