Used Test Equipment and Scientific Instruments
The following is only a partial listing of our current inventory.  We have many test instruments and scientific systems not
yet listed.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with specific equipment inquiries and requests.
Disco NBC-ZH
National Instruments FP-1600
National Instruments FP-CTR-500
National Instruments SCB-68
Newport TS50DC1
New-Old-Stock Diamond Dicing Saw Blades (sets of 10)
NI FP1600 Network Ethernet Interface FieldPoint
8-Channel Counter Input Module FieldPoint
NI SCB68 Shielded I/O Connector Block DAQ Devices
Motorized Optical Linear Stage Travel 50mm, +/-0.5micrometers, 75mm/s - New
Below are additional available instruments.  Please contact us for a quote and/or additional details.
Newport ESA-C
CVI Spectral Products CM110 & CM112
National Instruments
Newport 462-XYZ
Newport BGM
Tektronix CSA8000
Coherent Azure
Newport LAE-500
Barnstead RS10
Ocean Optics/Mikropack
Thermo Oriel Newport
Chemglass OptoChem
3-axis microdrive controller
1/8thm monochromator & double monochromator
Industrial gas analyzer system
SCXI and PXI fully loaded systems
ULTRALign Precision Integrated XYZ Crossed-Roller Bearing Linear Stages
Motorized goniometric cradles
Communication signal analyzers
UV (266nm) CW lasers
Electronic autocollimator
Fotonic displacement and vibration sensors - 2 channel
STEM reaction blocks
Complete system with vacuum pump, glassware, controller, condenser, etc.
MPM-2000 Optical Multiplexer 1 x 16 VIS
68835 66187 1000W QTH Arc Lamp system
2000mL Benchtop Reactor System Chemical Lab Glass
Spectroscopic Diagnostics